Vetta Review 2023


Fashion Industries have been evolving a lot over the period of time and majority of companies are coming forward to make the clothes not only eye pleasing but also eco- pleasing. One such brand is VETTA.

Vetta Review 2023

VETTA is a women owned brand based in US. Owner of the brand is beautiful and stunning Cara Bartlett.

VETTA was launched in 2016 and started its production in US. The brand focuses on minimalism and Eco-friendly manufacturing.

What is VETTA’s Capsule?

VETTA’s capsule is a mini – wardrobe collection consisting of total five pieces of clothing which according to the Brand can create total 30 outfits . When I scrolled through each capsule the brand has very diligently suggested their idea of creating more than one stylish out fir with each clothing and sure enough their suggestions have really seemed to be able to create classy, cool and trendy outfits.

Vetta Review


Another eye-catching element of their clothes I felt was their colors. Not to mention colors are indeed the most important aspects of clothes and their pastel colors just adds an aesthetic and classy vibe to the whole outfit and the fact that the clothing you wear is comfortable and made with natural sources makes you more confident and worry-free to wear it. Colors particularly include:

  • Ochre
  • Terracotta
  • Walnut
  • Oat heather
  • Black
  • Dark green
  • Fawn
  • Gold print etc.


As mentioned above the brand is totally vegan and planet friendly.

VETTA claims to be using 100% natural fabric which are made in USA, India, and Peru.

Fabrics include Tencel, organic cotton and deadstock materials.

Vetta Review


VETTA is a 100% vegan brand and believes in sustainable and environment friendly manufacturing processes and it has effectively stuck to its moto and no doubt the ethics and authenticity of the brand helped them to raise $39000 within 5 days.


VETTA capsules each contain total of pieces of clothing and each of it is made up of 100% natural materials.

Each capsule consists of two tops, few pants or skirts and a dress or jumpsuit.

1)The Classic Capsule

  • The Girlfriend Shirt
  • The Two-Piece Skort
  • The Cape Jumpsuit
  • The Button Up Midi Dress

2)The Casual Capsule

  • The Boyfriend Shirt
  • The Short Wrap Dress
  • The Cropped Flutter Tee
  • The Tencel Tapered Pant

3) The Edgy Capsule

  • The Blazer Dress
  • The Every Day Pant
  • The Convertible Tee
  • The Cropped Mock Neck Sweater
  • The Leatherette Skirt
Vetta Review

4)The Minimal Capsule

  • The oversized Sweater
  • The Convertible Shirt Dress
  • The Side – Zip Stretch Pant
  • The Reversible Jumper Dress
  • The Long Cardigan
Vetta Review

5)TheGlam Capsule

  • The Reversible Satin Midi Skirt
  • The Essential Tee
  • The Reversible Wide Leg Pant
  • The Convertible Polka Dot Dress
  • The Convertible Satin Wrap Tank
  • The Reversible Satin Min Skirt

There are total of 10 capsules which you can find on VETTA ‘ s official website –

Usually the brands can be seen to have problem when it comes to curvy women and as a result we often see them suffering when it comes to variety, But don’t you worry because VETTA offers you the size up to 43 inches in bust.

The size range starts from XS and up to XL. The brand is Body positive and you don’t have to worry about not getting your size with their  friendly and amazing staff.


Speaking of overall points I find VETTA amazing in terms of both comfort and fashion though I would say the price of the products can be costly for people but the fabric ,quality and sustainability does make it worth the money you will be spending on buying the products.

Other than this more information about their shipping policies and contacts are available on their website.